Garden Trends 2018

As spring arrives, after a proper winter for a change, many of our gardens look pretty awful. This could be a good time to consider a revamp. Ideas and inspiration can come from many places. Here are some of the latest trends. I believe there are three useful trend...
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Plastic: Bottles, Pots and More!

We’ve all been shocked by the amount of plastic floating around our planet especially since the recent TV series 'Blue Planet 2'. As a result it's made us think again about plastic products. Plastic Bottles, Pots and more were already on our agenda for reductions and...
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Garden Birds Deep Winter Rescue

You are probably all sorted now during the Siberian spring weather, but have thought and then take action to help your garden birds. Have a garden birds deep winter rescue plan. Small birds loose heat rapidly due to their large surface area compared to the body...
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Spring: Potted

The winter of 2017/18 doesn't want to leave us (UK). The "Beast from the East" did have a sting in it's tail leaving the UK blanketed in snow, and London closed for a day or two. As soon as the snow has gone we all notice how awful our gardens look. The answer is...
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