Summer Roses

More Summer Roses?

Summer roses are still one of the most popular garden plants in the UK. gone are the days, for most of us, of long beds of the same variety of roses & with the introduction of new varieties including the great English Roses from David Austin roses are more often...
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Bring Butterflies into your Garden

Bring in the Butterflies! © Adam Pasco Media Photo - Peacock butterfly on Butterfly Bush (Buddleja) Add a new dimension to your garden displays by not only planting colourful flowers you can enjoy throughout the year, but ones that will bring in the butterflies too. A...
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Garden Basics – Water, Food & Light.

Garden plants need 3 things to thrive Water Food Light If any of these three are short or missing your garden won't look it's best. This is really well illustrated with a summer hanging basket. Your newly grown or bought plants are planted in compost which is held...
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What to plant now – mid summer

Mid summer : The beauty of mid summer is that you can almost plant anything in your garden now as long as you can water enough & regularly, like daily. The range of colourful plants, especially Hardy Perennials (as we call them) or sometimes known as cottage...
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