Plants for April and May

The transition between winter and summer reaches it peak in April and May but not without it's challenges. What is hardy enough to plant now? Do I wait a few weeks? Hardy Garden Plants We aim to only offer hardy garden plants that are ready to plant at the time we...
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Grafted Tomatoes – so much more fruit!

Grafted tomatoes aren’t a new idea but their modern reintroduction haves revolutionised tomato growing for amateur gardeners.

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Senetti – the saviour of cold northern springs

The early spring can be such a frustrating time for adding colour to pots and patios. Thankfully we have amazing pansies and viola varieties due to plant breeding but the real plus is 'Senetti' - the saviour of cold northern springs. As the weather improves after...
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NEW Nematodes to go.

Nematodes - natural pest control For some years now gardeners have known about the benefits of using the micro roundworms called Nematodes and now they are ready to go, straight from Ferndale garden centre. Neudorff, one of Germany' biggest garden products producers...
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Ask the expert

The expert team is lead by Neil Grant who is also BBC Radio Sheffield  garden expert.  In our daily team we always have the expertise here to answer your questions and give advice. Listen to Neil every Sunday morning from 9 on BBC Radio Sheffield.