Nematodes – natural pest control

For some years now gardeners have known about the benefits of using the micro roundworms called Nematodes and now they are ready to go, straight from Ferndale garden centre.

Neudorff, one of Germany’ biggest garden products producers has introduced Nematodes that you can buy off the shelf. Most Nematodes are sold direct from the laboratory due to their short shelf life.

The new Neudorff Nematode range includes controls for Vine Weevils, Chafer Grubs, and Leatherjackets.

Nematodes are a natural predator of many insects that live in the soil. They are naturally occurring but often on low number. In the laboratory numbers are boosted to millions so that when you use them some of the nematodes will find their prey. They are worm like but usually microscopic. They hunt down their chosen prey and burrow into them to complete their life cycle and/or injects bacteria into the pest which multiplies and kills. after killing a grub nematodes eat hem and then search for more by ‘swimming’ in the soil water. Once all the grubs are dead the nematodes die leaving no evidence of them ever being there.

Nematodes are completely safe to use and are natural and effective plant protection and cure. The each nematode species is a specific to a pest. her is some killing benefit to other pests but the three main pests need their own specific strain of parasitic worm. Treated areas can be entered straight away after application.


Before application water your soil. Prepare the watering can or NemaSprayer and then apply the nematode mixture.

Nematodes for Vine Weevil 

  • Treats up to 12 m² or 210 pots

Nematodes for Vine Weevil also control Fungus Gnats, cucumber beetle, Gall midge and repels ant larvae.



Nematodes for Chafer Grubs

  • Treats up to 100m²

Nematodes for Chafer Grubs also control Fungus Gnats, cucumber beetle, Gall midge and repels ant larvae




  • Treats up to 100m²

Nematodes for Leatherjackets also treats Wireworm, Codling moth and many leaf miners.