Parrotia Persian Spire


An upright Cast Iron plant for modern gardens

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Parrotia Persian Spire is colourful for three out of four seasons. With its upright habit, it’s ideal for a modern garden & is extremely hardy.

In spring, purple shoots appear then in summer, Persian Spire has dark green leaves with a striking purple border. In autumn, its foliage will turn yellow/orange/red. Persian Spire is hardy to -30°C. It’s best placed in moist soil, in partial shade or in a sunny spot.

After 7 years without pruning, it will reach a height of 250cm (8ft or so) and a width of 75cm (30″).  Persian Spire is the first Parrotia that can be planted in a small garden or as solitary for on your terrace or balcony in a large pot.

We think this could become a very popular and successful garden plant for northern gardens in exposed sites as well as sheltered gardens.

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